HV Rewards

Did you know that when you become an HVO patient, you have the opportunity to join our awesome patient reward program? Patients collect points during their treatment and can redeem them for sweet prizes like Amazon.com giftcards! HV Rewards points are for patients in active treatment (have Braces or Invisalign) or in Growth Guidance.


Already a member and have questions about your account? Please email support at helpme@buzzydoc.com, and know that your points are safe and sound.


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Earning HV Reward Points


Regularly Scheduled Appointments


Good oral hygiene is essential during orthodontic treatment. Patients can receive 50 HV Reward points at each of their regularly scheduled appointments if they show exception oral hygiene in the following categories:

  • Clean teeth
  • No broken brackets or appliances
  • Consistent elastic or headgear wear
  • Arriving on time for your scheduled appointment and not missing your prior visit.


Bonus Point Opportunities


  • Dental visit completed (every 6-months) with hygienist card returned -150 points
  • “Like” us on Facebook – 100 points
  • Receive an “A” or “Excellent” on report card – 10 points each (Max 8/semester)
  • Community service project, with proof of participation – 200 points
  • Participate in Hurley & Volk Orthodontics activity (e.g., South Elgin Fourth of July Parade; Hampshire Coon Creek Parade, Burlington Parade wearing your HV tee – 200 points
  • Having an appointment on your birthday – 20 points
  • Wear your Hurley & Volk Ortho tee to your appointment – 10 points
  • Wear your Hurley & Volk Ortho tee on vacation and post to Facebook – 20 points
  • Participate in Facebook/Instagram contests – check contest for point value



Redeeming Points for Prizes


Points can be redeemed for awesome prizes! Just click on the card above and log into your account and you can exchange your points for plenty of great prize options! HV Rewards points are non-transferable between family and friends. Gift cards, points and other prizes are not redeemable for cash. Your account must be current to redeem your rewards points for a prize.

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