Anti-Bullying Campaign: Send in your T-Shirt Designs!

We would like to announce that we have started our annual & most special campaign for the year! Our Anti-bullying Campaign! Starting July 1st, HV will be accepting your T-Shirt Designs that show how you feel about bullying. You can pick up a blank T-Shirt form at any one of our offices. The submissions will be voted on and the winning T-Shirt Design will not only be printed for your whole class but you also will be able to design your very own Converse Shoes! Please submit your designs to any of our locations (which include Schaumburg, South Elgin or Hampshire), you may email them to or post them to our Facebook Page! Also, next time you are in any office pick up our awesome Anti-bullying bracelet that comes in multiple colors! Join us in taking the pledge to stand against bullying! #HV #makingourcommunitysmile #beabuddynotabully #communitysmiles

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